Detroit Youth Choice Awards
March 2024

Mission: Mission Statement for Detroit Youth Choice Awards:
At the Detroit Youth Choice Awards, our mission is to recognize, celebrate, and empower the incredible talents, achievements, and potential of the youth in our community. We strive to provide a platform that not only honors their accomplishments but also encourages them to dream bigger and reach higher. Through our awards and programs, we aim to inspire a generation of young leaders, artists, and changemakers who will shape the future of Detroit and beyond. We are committed to fostering creativity, leadership, and a sense of unity among our youth, promoting positive role models, and highlighting the transformative impact they have on our city.

Nominations In The Following Categories

Youth Innovator of the Year: Recognizing a young individual who has made a significant impact through innovation, whether in technology, science, or entrepreneurship.

Community Change Agent: Honoring a young person who has dedicated their time and effort to bring about positive change in their local community.

Artistic Visionary: Celebrating a youth with exceptional talents in the arts, including visual arts, music, dance, or theater.

Environmental Champion: Recognizing a young environmentalist who has shown outstanding dedication to sustainability and protecting the environment.

Educational Excellence: Awarding a student who has demonstrated exceptional academic achievement, leadership, and commitment to education.

Athlete of the Year: Celebrating outstanding young athletes who have excelled in their respective sports and shown sportsmanship on and off the field.

Digital Content Creator: Honoring a young content creator, whether on social media, YouTube, or other platforms, who has engaged and inspired a wide audience.

Cultural Ambassador: Recognizing a young person who actively promotes and celebrates cultural diversity and inclusion within the community.

Advocate for Youth Mental Health: Awarding an individual who has been a strong advocate for youth mental health awareness and support.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Celebrating a young entrepreneur who has launched and managed a successful business venture, demonstrating creativity and business acumen.

Future Philanthropist: Recognizing a young philanthropist who has shown a commitment to giving back to the community and making a positive impact.

STEM Star: Honoring a young person who has excelled in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields, making significant contributions or innovations.

Outstanding Volunteer: Awarding a youth who has dedicated their time and energy to volunteering for various causes and organizations.

Media Maverick: Celebrating a young individual who has demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity in the field of media, including journalism, film, or photography.

Young Humanitarian: Recognizing a youth who has displayed extraordinary compassion and dedication to humanitarian causes, both locally and globally.

Dear Attendees, Staff, and Volunteers,
As we reflect on the Detroit Choice Awards, gratitude fills our hearts. Your presence, dedication, and efforts made this night magical.

To attendees, your support and enthusiasm brought energy. To staff, meticulous planning ensured a seamless event. Volunteers, your selfless contributions made a difference. Together, you celebrated talent, unity, and inspiration.

As we move forward, let's continue to empower, uplift, and inspire one another, just as we did on that enchanting night.

Thank you for making the Detroit Choice Awards a success. Let's continue empowering, uplifting, and inspiring each other. Your roles in this journey are deeply appreciated.

With heartfelt thanks,
Dave Bishop
 President Detroit Choice Awards Organization



September 17th, The Garden Theater


Change Of Venue Notice

Dear Attendees/Participants,

We regret to inform you that, due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict during our highly anticipated Great Detroit Auto Show weekend, we have had to make a change to the event venue.

However, we are excited to announce that the event will now take place at the historic Garden Theater located at 3929 Woodward Ave. in Detroit.

 We understand that this change may come as a surprise, but we want to assure you that the event's date and time remain the same. We are committed to delivering an exceptional experience that highlights the excellence of Detroit, and we are confident that the new venue will only enhance this goal. 

 While the location has changed, the spirit of the event remains unchanged. The same exciting lineup, engaging activities, and memorable moments await you at the Garden Theater. We are working diligently to ensure a seamless transition and a memorable occasion that showcases the very best of Detroit. 

 Your tickets and registrations for the event will still be valid at the new venue. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused and appreciate your understanding.

Join us at the Garden Theater on September 17 at 6pm for an unforgettable event that celebrates Detroit's excellence. We look forward to seeing you there and creating lasting memories together. Don't miss out!

 Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm.

 Best regards,
 Dave Bishop Detroit Choice Awards

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Welcome To The Detroit Choice Awards!

Whenever we think of awards our minds go to the superstars or superheroes in various fields of life. We mention those who come from wealth or those with big names. But wait a minute! Have you thought of thousands of talented people out there who have never had the opportunity to be recognized? There are gifted people around you praying for the right opportunity and time to showcase their talent to the world.


We Love The Detroit Choice Awards

Detroit's Biggest Night

What you can give and contribute to the World can be all the difference to make this World move forward. The Detroit Choice Awards is not an event; it is a year-long movement celebrated for one night.

Dave Bishop
Founder of Detroit Choice Awards