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Welcome to the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards!

Where Style Meets Detroit's Spirit of Innovation

Welcome to the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards, where we celebrate the vibrant and ever-evolving fashion scene in the heart of the Motor City. Our mission is to recognize and honor the talented individuals and businesses that shape and influence the fashion industry in Detroit.
 At the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards, we believe that fashion is more than just clothing. It is a form of self-expression, a way to tell stories, and a powerful tool to empower individuals. We strive to showcase the diversity and creativity that Detroit has to offer, from emerging designers to established fashion houses, from local boutiques to innovative stylists.

 Through our annual awards ceremony, we aim to highlight the achievements and innovative contributions of the fashion community, inspiring others to pursue their passions and dreams. We provide a platform for designers, models, photographers, makeup artists, and everyone involved in the fashion industry to showcase their talent and gain recognition for their hard work.

 Beyond the glitz and glamour, the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards also aims to make a positive impact on the community. We are committed to supporting local charities and organizations that promote education, sustainability, and inclusivity within the fashion industry. We believe in using fashion as a force for good, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among all fashion enthusiasts.

 Whether you are a fashion lover, a designer, a model, or simply someone who appreciates creativity, the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards is the place to celebrate and be inspired. Join us as we shine a spotlight on the remarkable individuals who bring style and innovation to the forefront of Detroit's fashion landscape.

Together, let's ignite a fashion revolution and make Detroit a fashion powerhouse. Welcome to the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards, where fashion dreams become reality.

Our Hosts

Liz Lewin

In the heart of Detroit, the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards presents a dazzling celebration of style and excellence. This premier event hosted by the charismatic and talented Liz Lewin, embodies the spirit of Detroit's fashion community. As a Buffalo native who found her second home in the Motor City, Liz's journey as a communicator and artist has brought her to the forefront of this vibrant fashion showcase.

The Detroit Fashion Choice Awards not only recognizes the achievements of remarkable individuals but also empowers emerging talents. From designers to influencers, this is a stage where dreams come to life and where the essence of Detroit's resilience and creativity shines brightly.

With a deep sense of pride, history, and an unwavering spirit, Detroit and its fashion community welcome everyone to join in this night of glamour, honoring excellence in style. Get ready for a remarkable experience that will leave a lasting mark on Detroit's fashion legacy. 

Josiah Jones

Josiah Jones Comedian, the second host of the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards! With his infectious smile and irresistible charm, Josiah brings a perfect blend of humor and wholesome entertainment to the stage. Known for his high energy and rapid-fire delivery, he captivates audiences with side-splitting jokes while maintaining a clean and family-friendly act. As an ordained minister, Josiah seamlessly merges his faith and comedy, delivering hilarious punchlines without resorting to profanity. His ability to make you laugh while also making you think sets him apart in the comedy scene. Get ready to be uplifted, inspired, and forever blessed as Josiah B Jones takes the stage, spreading laughter and leaving a lasting impact.

Meet Our Vanguard Honorees


A Word From Our Founder

At the Detroit Fashion Choice Awards, our mission is to celebrate and recognize the outstanding talent, creativity, and innovation within the fashion industry. We strive to provide a platform that showcases the diverse and unique styles of designers, models, stylists, and fashion influencers who contribute to the vibrant fashion scene in Detroit. Through our annual awards ceremony, we aim to foster collaboration, inspire growth, and elevate the local fashion community by acknowledging excellence and promoting the values of inclusivity, sustainability, and artistic expression. Our mission is to connect fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, and emerging talents, creating an environment that nurtures creativity, drives positive change, and positions Detroit as a hub of fashion excellence.

Dave Bishop
Founder of Detroit Choice Awards